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Tangled by love

Hello there! My name is Nienke. I love Doctor Who and Matt Smith. Other stuff you might find here: Harry Potter, Sexy Youtubers, Sherlock and books. If you want to know something, just ask me. I don't bite. Usually.

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Jan 19 '13

eleven and kissing

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Jan 19 '13

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Jan 11 '13

This is no fun at all.

It isn’t, is it?

Jan 10 '13


Wholock AU The Doctor seeks an old friend’s help to find his new companion.

“What’s her name?”


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Jan 9 '13


Eleven and Clara.

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Jan 8 '13

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Jan 8 '13


Doctor Who AU. The Doctor lands in Victorian London, where he meets a mysterious woman. Who is she? A ghost from his past or a cruel joke of fate?

Dec 30 '12

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Dec 27 '12

6.10 ll 7.06

Dec 26 '12


It’s called the TARDIS

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Dec 22 '12

The Wedding of River Song

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Dec 22 '12

DW parallels: The TARDIS reflects the Doctor’s personality.

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Dec 22 '12
Dec 22 '12

“This man is a murderer.”

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Dec 22 '12

I Know!