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Tangled by love

Hello there! My name is Nienke. I love Doctor Who and Matt Smith. Other stuff you might find here: Harry Potter, Sexy Youtubers, Sherlock and books. If you want to know something, just ask me. I don't bite. Usually.

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Jan 19 '13

eleven and kissing

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Jan 14 '13

Amy Pond + history.

Dec 30 '12

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Dec 18 '12
Dec 11 '12

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Dec 9 '12

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Dec 9 '12
Dec 9 '12

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Dec 6 '12

 It is known the Doctor requires companions.

It is known the Doctor requires companions.

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Dec 6 '12
Nov 29 '12
Nov 27 '12
Nov 22 '12

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Nov 20 '12


(new) Doctor Who through the years

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Nov 10 '12

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